Pricing & Shipping Details


Please note that all shipments are normally made through the Irish postal service An Post and will be shipped by recorded delivery, which means a signature will be required by the recipient to prove that the delivery has been accepted.

Framed prints will be shipped usually within seven days, prints mounted usually within three. Prints usually take the following period of time from once they have left our shop to be delivered:

Ireland - One to two days
UK - Two to three days
Europe - Three to five days
USA, Canada, Australia - Usually seven to ten days

When prints have been shipped to customers destination we will notify you by email so you know when to expect delivery.

Irish Customers

If you are making bulk purchases in the one order please contact us first as we may be able to offer a cheaper alternative by courier.

Print & Frame Sizes

Please note all print and frame sizes are approximate.

Landscape and panorama photographs

Due to the different sizes that these photographs can be scaled to, please contact us with details of the particular photograph that you are interested in, and what size you like the finished photograph printed unframed.

If you would like photograph framed please let us know and we can get you details on frames as well.

We will get back to you with postage and packaging details for this photograph.

We can supply prints of panoramas with out mount boards or frames just the actual print itself, which will make it cheaper to deliver to you and you can get framed in your own local area if you so wish.

Photographs collected at physical shop versus online

Photographs collected framed at our physical shop will be framed with glass. Framed photographs shipped from our shop direct to customer these will be framed with plexi-glass.

Reason for this is two fold. First of all it makes the postage and packaging cheaper as all our items are shipped by weight, plexi-glass is a lot lighter than glass.

Second reason is no matter how well an item is packaged it can still get damaged in shipping. We make sure all our products are well packaged so when they arrive to you they will be as they left our shop. However, glass will not bend, or twist or take any bumps or knocks in transit and will crack, plexi-glass however is very very tough and looks the same in appearance as glass.

Frames, mounts and papers

We normally mount all our prints with a creme mount board as we feel this suits the majority of homes and businesses. If however, you have a special request regarding a different type of mount board or style of frame or paper type, please contact us first BEFORE you place your order.

Our standard frame that we use is a simple plain black design as we feel this will compliment our prints and will blend into most homes or businesses. It does not distract from the actual print that you are purchasing. If you prefer a different type of frame please contact us BEFORE you make a purchase so we can discuss your requirements.

Our prints are all printed on matt paper as we find when placing your print under glass there will be less glare / reflection. If your prefer to have a print on glossy paper please contact us BEFORE you make an order as there are some limitations as to size of prints that can be printed on gloss.

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