Irina Skripnik Workshop 2018

Price – €600

Deposit - €200
You can pay by instalments please Email Photos From Ireland for more details.
Deposit of €200 will secure place on workshop.

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International award winning photographer Irina Skripnik is coming to Ireland.

Art and Wedding Photography practical workshop by Irina Skripnik, Ballyliffin, Clonmany, Inishowen, Co. Donegal, Ireland 12th 13th and 14th June 2018. Three days of shooting and post-processing. Lots of practice and theory!

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About Irina Shripnik

I am Irina Skripnik – wedding, event, art and creative photographer based in Odessa, Ukraine, true member of The National Union of Ukrainian Photography Artists, FIAP, PSA, WPPI and ISPWP award winning photographer.

For over 10 years I am one of the leading wedding photographers in my region. I create special photography projects and have developed unique techniques of photography post-processing.

My workshop program takes three days to deep dive into the world of wedding and creative photography. During the workshop we will do two complete photo sessions that will include demonstrations of the whole process from pre-production to post-production.

You will get a lot of useful information that can be used for commercial or personal creative shooting.

Languages: English, Russian

Workshop program is good both for beginners and for professional photographers.

For workshop participation you will need:
      lenses, it is better to bring portrait, wide angle and telephoto lenses;
        flash light;
          paper book and pen for notes, also you can use laptop during the lectures. You will need photoshop and lightroom.

          Workshop Program

          Tuesday 12th June 2018

          Day 1 (05:00PM – 8:00PM)

          Part 1 – meeting and theory.

          The first part of our workshop will be dedicated to a group meeting, participants introductions, analysis of my work and my techniques. I will tell you all the stages of my work and what I do. You will understand all the stages of my production and what awaits you during the workshop.

          1. About me and my photos.
          2. Presentation of my past projects.
          3. Discussion of my photos. What tools, equipment, techniques were used for production.
          4. Sources of my inspiration.
          5. Photo projects realization. Stages of preparation and creation of interesting and unusual shots.
          After meeting and greeting we will have some local traditional musicians providing entertainment and a chance to relax and get to know each other.

          Wednesday 13th June 2018

          Day 2 (10:00AM – 06:00PM) We may run this later in the afternoon / evening depending on the light and split photo shoots into two parts. Morning and then break for a few hours and then resume late afternoon / evening
          Part 2 – two photo sessions.

          This is a completely practical part, two complete photo sessions in different styles. Usually I do one wedding and one creative session. All my students will have the opportunity to create beautiful pictures using my techniques and methods and add them to their portfolio.

          During the shooting we will discuss the next themes:

          1. What gear you should use depending on shooting conditions and final result requirements.
          2. Choice of locations.
          3. What camera parameters and settings you should use.
          4. Variety of light sources.
          5. Accessories that help in realization of creative ideas.
          6. Model posing tips and aesthetics of movements. Unleashing models.
          7. Creation of special effects using available tools during the session.

          Thursday 14th June 2018

          Day 3 (10:00AM – 05:00PM)
          Part 3 – the post-processing stage.

          Post-processing of wedding and creative photo sessions. I will share all the secrets of my post-processing techniques. You will understand how to get maximum results from a minimum investment of your time. During the sessions we will discuss the following topics:

          1. Technical equipment that I use for post-processing.
          2. Basic software and additional plugins.
          3. Analysis of the footage and the selection of successful shots.
          4. RAW conversion.
          5. Coloring photos with a LR ( coloristic )
          6. Human body plastics.
          7. Skin post-processing.
          8. How to get volume in image, working with chiaroscuro drawing (shadows and lights).
          9. Textures and blending modes.
          10. Creation of special effects: smoke, fog, fire, dust, lighting effects, flare, bokeh, fabulous and dream effects.
          11. Areas of emphasis (accents) using sharpen, blur, color temperature. Getting rid of useless details.
          12. Work with the warm and cold areas.
          13. The photo painting effect.

          Thursday 14th June 2018

          Day 3 (05:00PM – 07:00PM)
          Part 4 – final discussion, questions and answers, summarizing the material.

          During the final part of the workshop we will summarize all the material and discuss themes that were most interesting during three days of workshop. We will discuss works of students and I will answer all the questions of my students.
          1. Conclusions and summarizing of the material.
          2. Answers to the questions.
          3. Discussions of students photos.
          4. Certificates award.

          More information

          Any photographer that books on the workshops will be added to a private facebook group where by everyone will be kept up to date on what to bring, how to get here and general advice about the workshop itself. If you are bringing family and friends I am more than happy to help with organising activities for them, where to go, what to see etc... In the past families have done fishing, horse riding, climbing, cycling, etc...

          The facebook group is also a great way for everyone to get to know each other before they come to the workshops and even make travel arrangements as well if coming from the same locations across the world.

          The Venue

          Anybody attending the workshop can avail of a special deal with the venue, The Strand Hotel.

          The Strand Hotel

          Accommodation and meals / drinks are not included but the Strand Hotel will be giving a special discount for all those taking part in the workshop.

          Rooms are not showing available on website but when you book accommodation email will be sent to you with details. They have rooms reserved for those attending.

          When you have booked the workshop our workshop partners The Strand Hotel will contact you via email to see if you would like to reserve a room at the hotel. We will also send you a booking discount code so you can avail of the discount for the accommodation. Rooms will not be showing available online as these have been reserved for everyone attending the workshops.

          Bookings with venue will be booked directly with venue and not with Photos From Ireland. We are close to three International airports, the City of Derry airport is approx only 40 minutes away and Belfast international Airport is approx only two hours drive away. Dublin airport is only three and half hours away.

          Terms and Conditions

          Any bookings made for workshop are for the workshop only. Accommodation, travel, food etc.... are extras and will be covered by the participants on the course. All fees paid are final and if a someone cancels place on workshop fees are not returnable due to Irina travelling from the Ukraine we need definite confirmed numbers to run course. Please do not book a place unless you are committed to attending as refunds cannot be given. In the event that Irina cannot attend course for any reason or Brendan Diver from Photos From Ireland has to cancel the workshop due to unforeseen circumstances participants will have their monies returned in full for the workshop. Monies paid for travelling, car hire, flights, accommodation etc..... are at the participants own expense.

          The weather in Co. Donegal is unpredictable and very changeable if it is unsuitable for taking photographs outside then alternative indoor location will be available inside for the workshop. The optional photography tour is outside and as we will be travelling to different landscape locations for example top of mountains, near the sea, etc..... suitable outdoor clothing must be taken by the people attending.

          Photographers must ensure that they have their own photography computer equipment insured and are responsible for it at their own risk. Irina Shripnik and Brendan Diver from Photos From Ireland or The Strand Hotel or any of the photoshoot locations are not responsible for your equipment. Please bring a laptop with photoshop and Lightoom installed for editing part of course if you want to follow while Irina speaks, warm windproof clothing and strong shoes and boots, warm hat.

          Workshop will run once we have ten confirmed places booked as we need this minimum in order to put it on.