Aurora Borealis display over Inishowen, Co. Donegal

28th February 2014
Last night the amazing Aurora Borealis - The Northern Lights was seen over Co. Donegal and in particular over the Inishowen Penninsula.

The Aurora was the strongest display I have seen with curtains of light and colours shooting upwards into the Donegal sky.

For two years my dream was to capture this display over the local beauty spot known as, "The Castles" at Carrickabraghy castle ruins in the stunning landscape of the Isle of Doagh in Clonmany.

It was a humbling experience to witness something so beautiful and yet powerful that mother nature could put on such an amazing sight.

My dream was finally realised when I got the perfect shots of the castle ruins with the Atlantic ocean crashing onto the shore line with Ireland's most northernly point Malin Head in the background.

I have am overwhelmed that I witnessed such a rare phenomenon, and even more so that I caught it on camera, not one but several stunning images from last night.

For many people this is on their bucket list to see before they die, very few will witness it, but for those of you that can't you now have that chance to see it every day hanging in your home or business. These make amazing gifts for someone special, and the actual prints that you receive are off the highest quality possible. Online does not do it justice.