The Photographer

My love for photography started as a child when my parents gave me my first camera when I was about twelve years of age. It was a Polaroid Colour Swinger II Land Camera, in its day it was very advanced for its time.

You would then take the photograph that was printed for you and place it inside a protective metal cover and put it under you arm for 60 seconds. The chemicals in the developing stage would then produce your photograph there and then for all to see. I was hooked on photography!

I have always enjoyed photography but in recent years I have pursued my love for photography much more serious.

My work has been seen and featured on the following television channels, to name but a few:

RTE News, RTE Prime Time, Deric Hartigan 3e Weather Presenter show, Sky News, ABC News, Fox Channel, BBC, Channel 4, plus several weather channels across the USA.

My work is proudly displayed in the Hanover Police Department in Boston as well as in as far away places such as Australia, America, Canada, Spain, Germany, Scotland, Ireland and the UK.

As well as the above, my work has been featured in several Local, National and International newspapers and have been mentioned on several radio stations both between Ireland and in the USA.

I have been very lucky and honored to have been asked to be a stills film set photographer on the Irish made short film, "Bean Sí", which was filmed on location in 2012 in Ballybofey and the Glenties in Co. Donegal, here in Ireland.

I love taking photographs of the Irish countryside, in particular, night time, low light landscapes of beaches and the surrounding areas. Being creative and trying out new things that I have not done before and pushing my equipment and myself to the limits, wanting to improve all the time.

One of my photos displayed in a feature in the Derry Journal newspaper about the rare sighting of the Northern Lights in Donegal.

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Thank you for visiting my website, I hope you enjoy my work as much as I have enjoyed taking them.


Brendan Diver